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Since 2017, ROCKMUN has established itself as a brilliant platform for students across schools to participate in and demonstrate their critical professional and public speaking skills while learning about diplomacy, international relations, and current issues.

This educational simulation of the United Nations hosted by Rockwell International school is an excellent exercise for those interested, to discover more about the UN, through playing the role of delegates from different countries and attempting to solve real-world issues.

We guarantee a conference that is worth your time and money, one that you will remember as an enriching experience for years to come, and we as the secretariat shall work devoutly to create an exciting environment, fostering intellectually engaging discussions and negotiations.

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As announced, ROCKMUN 2022, is all set for this year’s conference. We aim to enrich and deepen knowledge about current issues in our delegates supported by our exceptionally competent and widely praised MUN management team at Rockwell.

There is a reason why MUNs are important - countless students find their wings clipped and freedom shackled; MUNs, to these students, act as a pathway towards them eventually finding their own voice along with the much-needed confidence to voice their opinion.

Walking out of the conference, students will know that their stance matters.

It’s only because of people not raising their voices against what we call injustice and inequality that world leaders have stooped so regrettably low, in assuming that their actions may never be questioned. Today, our ROCKMUN podiums give the young soon-to-be leaders a chance to acquire and spread awareness while discussing what matters and what they believe in.

We welcome you to join us at Rockwell International school on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of December 2022, where we guarantee that the delegates shall see and actively participate in a conference that they will undeniably remember for years to come.

We the secretariat of Rockwell Model United Nations, plan to set through and instill humanitarian ethics and philosophical principles into the delegates through this conference, and finally, we will be honored to host your esteemed institutions.


Vishwateja Bollikonda

Secretary General



It is with immense pleasure that I invite you to the 4th edition of Rockwell Model United Nations on December 9th, 10th and 11th. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we are finally back better than ever.

We, the secretariat, eagerly anticipate days filled with fierce debate in which all delegates will voice their opinions with diplomacy and freedom.

Rockwell has always strived to provide the best to its students and staff, and this conference will be no different. Our teachers, OC members, and the secretariat members have worked extremely hard towards accomplishing our one collective goal: having one of the best conferences in Hyderabad. We’ve chosen some of the most experienced Executive board members who will make sure to make the sessions engaging & fun.

Overall, I believe that RockMUN 22’ will be a great event that is worth attending.

Hope to see you there!



Srihaas Paruchuru

Director General



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